National Association of Government Communicators has lined up four of the town's best-known "ghosts" for an after-work session on speechwriting. NAGC's National Capital Chapter is sponsoring the July 28, workshop. The cost is $5 for members, $10 for others.

The four speechmasters will include President Ford's White House speech writer and main gas-supplier. Bob Orben; Fred Appel, former New York Timesman now with the energy agency; Newsweek and White House veteran Paul A. Theis and chapter vice president Earl B. Braly. The Thursday session is at the Pepco auditorium. Call Allen Alexander at 2458787 for reservations or information.

Forgotten Widows: Widows of retired military personnel will not be getting the 4.3 per cent October pension increase due military retirees, exfederal workers or their surviving spouses.

Congress has limited cost-of-living raises to the widows of military retirees who died after October, 1972. Some Widows excluded from the regular pension increases get as little as $35 a month and haven't had a raise in years. Sen. John Tower (R-Tex.) and others are pushing for regular cost-of-living raises for this group of "forgotten widows," but they don't rate very high on the Senate and House calendars.