The Falls Church City Council recently adopted a budget of $8,071,443, which includes an increase of 19 cents per $100 of assessed valuation in the real property tax rate and a 50 cent increase in the personal property tax rate.

The new budget for fiscal year 1977-78 is up $692,588 or 8.37 per cent from last year's budget.

Under the new budget, the real estate tax rate will rise from the present $2.66 to $2.85.That tax rate, which is based on 50 per cent of assessed valuation, provides a true tax rate of $1.43 per $100 of assessed valuation, compared with a tax rate of $1.51 in Arlington, $1.70 in Alexandria, $1.73 in Fairfax City, and $1.74 in Fairfax County.

The personal property increase gives Falls Church a rate of $5.50 per $100 of assessed valuation, compared to $5.20 in Alexandria, $5.90 in Arlington, $5.97 in Fairfax City and $4.80 in Fairfax County, according to city hall spokesmen.

In addition to providing funds for maintaining the current level of municipal services, the new budget provides for a three-quarter time social services coordinator, instead of the former half-time arrangement; an additional school crossing guard; a new telephone system for the city and a new position of engineer/arborist for the Department of Public Works. The Council also funded the construction of a new curb, gutter and sidewalk on Jackson Street at a cost of $26,500, and city employees will get a 3.8 per cent cost-of-living increase.

A new tax of 1 per cent was approved on restaurant meals and the license fee for taxicab drivers was increased to $7.50 for the initial license with a charge of $5 for renewals. Falls Church dog tag fees were increased to $5 per year.

The Council declined to provide for the funding of an additional laborer for the city beautification staff, and also refused to contribute to the Falls Church Community Services Council.

The general budget includes a contribution to schools of $3,102,192, which was about $161,000 less than the school board's original request. That reduction in the city's contribution to the school budget will not affect the school system's educational program, according to a city hall spokesman, because most of the reduction is related to the decline in school enrollment.