The Montgomery County board of education has voted to add $4.50 to the daily pay rate for substitute teachers, reinstating money that was cut to help fund a six per cent cost of living raise for full'time teachers.

The unanimous vote came Tuesday after lobbying by the Mayland Association of Substitute Teachers (MAST), an organization that was formed after the cuts was made.

Howevery, Evelyn Kaplan of White Oak, a MAST spokeswoman, says the move leaves substitutes unsatisfied.

"I'm mad," she said minutes after the board voted. "They didn't even mention a six per cent cost of living raise for us. They are hoping to disarm the subsitutes by doing this."

Kaplan declared that substitutes will come before teh board next week and ask for a cost of living raise. Such a raise would cost the county $102,000, according to school officials.

Although the county's 2,800 substitute teachers are not unionized and full-time teachers are, traditionally the raise granted full-time teachers has also been given substitutes. But this year, the school board cut substitutes' salaries from $34.50 to $30 a day in order to help fund the $3.4 million difference between the four per cent raise the county council granted full-time teachers and the negotiated raise of six per cent.

By reinstating the $4.50 a day for substitutes at a total cost of $220,000, the school board went against a recommendation by Superintendent Charles M. Bernardo.

In a memoradum to the board, Bernardo said, "I continue to be sympathetic to the view point of the substitute teachers. But the remedial options are very limited given the severe cuts made in the fiscal year 1978 operating budget.We believe no further adjustments are possible."

But school board members, faced with hundreds of substitutes at meetings on the issue, said they though the salaries should be reinstated.

"I agree" with what the substitutes say," one board member said privately, "We chose them because they were vulnerable, because they had no organization."

The cuts the board made to fund the reinstatement are:

Employ long term substitutes for teaching vacancies on a selective basis, saving $44.000.

Delay filing non-classroom positions, saving $75,000. Bernardo said this could "aggravate an already adverse condition."

Delay for two months filing selected administrative positions, primarily in curriculum, instruction and continuing education, saving $30,000. Bernardo said this could "delay obtaining the leadership necessary for program development and management in these offices."

Delay for two months filling selected administrative, professional and higher level supporting services positions, saving $22,000. Bernardo said this could hinder work performance.

While Bernardo did say problems could occur from those cuts, he also called them the "least harmful options available."

In addition, a total of $40,000 was available because of a price reduction in computer terminal rental costs, and recent cancellation of leave plans by several employees for whom leave had been approved.

Six-thousand-dollars of the funds depends upon the county council's approval of transfer of money from one category to another. Such transfer are normally routine but the issue could be controversial as the council refused to approve such transfer to fund the negotiated raise for full-time teachers. The council is expected to act on the issue late next month.