The Fairfax City Council has appointed two new school board members to fill the expired terms of two men who supported an independent city school system.

Janice M. Miller was appointed to replace John Russell, who resigned last month in protest over citizen support for the current setup in which Fairfax County runs the city's school system.4 4N James B. Fletcher Jr. was appointed to the board, effective August 1, to take over the seat of board chairman George Hamill, another supporter of a city-run school system.

Hamill had sought reappointment, but some of his allies on the school issue felt he would not be chosen because of his stand earlier this year in favor of a referendum on creating a city-run school system. Council member Leonard Mobley abstained on the otherwise unanimous vote to appoint Fletcher.

In a related matter, the school board agreed to take over management of its tuition contract with the county, despite objections from the City Council.

Hamill said the board acted on its attorney's advice and decide that "it (the contract with the county) is the responsibility of the school board, and the school board should be managing it and acting under it." He said the board will pursue a complaint that the county has overcharged the city by more than $1.1 million over several past years.