Partly as an economy move, Charles S. (Chuck) Robb, the Virginia Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, has closed his state headquarter in Richmond and transferred most of his campaign staff to offices in Northern Virginia.

Robb, a McLean lawyer and son-in-law of President Lyndon B. Johns easily won the nomination for Virginia's No. 2 political office in a Juno primary. But he ended the campaign about $23,000 in debt and his [WORD ILLEGIBLE]has since been seaching for ways cut expenses William Romjue, [WORD ILLEGIBLE]manager, said yesterday.

Most of Robb's staff of 12 workers willnow work out of ground floor offices in the Grant Building 1651 Old Meadow Rd., near the sons Corner Shopping Center in Fairfax County. The building owners a donating the space, a step that Romjue said will save the campaign the $1,000 a month they had been paying for offices in downtown Richmond.

Romjue said it was logical for Robb to move his staff to the Washington suburbs since the region is the "homebase" and will provide Virginia Democrats with a state campaign headquarters in each of the state's three largest metropolitan areas. Gubernatorial nominee Henry E. Howell will have headquarters in Norfolk, while Del. Edward E. Lane, the nominee for attoryney general, will have his headquarters in Richmond.