Alan H. Belmont, 79, a retired top official at the FBI, died Saturday in Mountain View, Calif., after a long illness.

He had retired in 1965 as an assistant to the director, the late J. Edgar Hoover. Mr. Belmont had been promoted to that position, the number three position at the FBI in 1961.

Since retiring, Mr. Belmont had been an executive assistant to the director of The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.

Born in New York City, he grew up in San Diego, Calif., and attended San Diego State College. He received a bachelor's degree in accounting from Stanford University in 1931.

Mr. Belmont joined the FBI as a special agent in 1936 and was assigned to field offices in Birmingham Ala., and Chicago. He transferred to FBI headquarters here in 1938.

Three years later, he was made a supervisor in the New York office. He was assistant special agent in charge in Chicago in 1942, special agent in charge in Cincinnati in 1943, special agent in charge in New York [WORD ILLEGIBLE] 1944 and returend to Washington headquarters in 1959 as an inspector.

Mr. Hoover named Mr. Belmont assistant director in charge of the domestice intelligence division in 1951.

He is survived by his wife [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Belmont, of the home in [WORDS ILLEGIBLE]