Dr. Eugence A. Hollowell, 76, a retired horticulturist and agronomist for the Departmet of Agriculture, died July 30 of pneumonia in Calvert Memorial Hospital, Prince Frederick, Md.

Dr. Hollowell was known for his work in the field of forage crops and dovers. His experimental work in the hydridization of rhododendrons and [WORD ILLEGIBLE] resulted in the development of rhododendron hybrids that are on display in nurseries throughout the nation.

Dr. Hollowell joined the agriculture department in 1924. He was a native of Indiana and had lived much of his life in Takoma Park. At the time of his death, he was residing in Scientists Cliffs, Md. where he was active in the Scientists Cliffs Association.

A graduate of Iowa State University Dr. Hollowell was a member of The American Society of Agronomy, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] International Crop Improvement Association, the American Rhododendrons Society, the Cosmos Club and [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Park Presbyterian [WORD ILLEGIBLE] where he was active in the [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Hollowell is survived by his [WORD ILLEGIBLE] of the home in Scientists [WORD ILLEGIBLE] two sons, John of Bethesda [WORD ILLEGIBLE] of Mt. Vernona, and a [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Jean Caine of Schnectady,

[WORD ILLEGIBLE] family requests that memorials [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to the Scientists Cliffs Association for the benefit of the Garden