Dr. James R. Wason, 64, a retired government economist and teacher of economics, died of cancer, Sunday [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Doctors Hospital in Washington [WORD ILLEGIBLE]

From 1970 until 1975, he had taught economics at Overseas [WORD ILLEGIBLE] the University of Maryland [WORD ILLEGIBLE] military bases in the Far Eastern Europe.

Dr. Wason then returned in [WORD ILLEGIBLE] consultant in economist before his death. He live in Hillcrest [WORD ILLEGIBLE]

Born in Concord [WORD ILLEGIBLE] the Wage and Hour division [WORD ILLEGIBLE] U.S. Labor Department in Maryland in 1940, working in New [WORD ILLEGIBLE] and Massachuset.

He left during World War and serve as a sergeant with the Army intelligent corps.

Dr. Wason the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] degree on economics from the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] International $99[WORD ILLEGIBLE] Springfield Mass., while working at the Labor Department.

He came to the Washington [WORD ILLEGIBLE] as an economist in the Wage and Hour Division in 1950. He transfered in 1962 to the Library [WORD ILLEGIBLE] where he was a labor [WORD ILLEGIBLE] specialist in the Congressional Research Service until [WORD ILLEGIBLE] 1970.

During the 1950s, Dr. Wason brought economics on a past time[WORD ILLEGIBLE] American and George Washington Universities.

He was a member of the American Economic Association there [TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE]