A 19-year veteran of the Alexandria police department. Deputy Chief Charles T. Strobel, 40, will become that city's chief of police at the end of the month when Chief John Holihan retires.

Stroble's appointment to the $31,083-a-year job was announced at a press conference yesterday by City Manager Douglas Harman.

Harman said he was "particularly pleased" to be able to appoint a new chief from the ranks of the police department. He said Strobel and Alexandria native, is "extremely sensitive to Alexandria as a community" and "highly regarded by the rank and file."

Burglary and larceny are the most serious crimes Alexandria faces, according to Strobel, who said that under his administration the department will work to reduce the incidence of those crimes through a review of deployment tactics and public education programs.

Strobel said that as chief he expects to support existing departmental programs that focus on crime prevention through citizen education. These include the free crime analysis of a home performed by police on request.

"I can see no need to make any drastic changes in the existing organization," he said. "We will be re-evaluating and reviewing existing programs for effectiveness."

Strobel, a 1956 graduate of Mount Vernon High School, joined the Alexandria police department in 1958. He graduated from the FBI National Academy and in 1975, received a B.S. degree in the administration of justice from American University, where he is currently working on a master's degree in public administration.