The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has voted to ask the county's voters to approve a $1.9 million bond issue for renovation and reconstruction of court facilities in a referendum Nov. 8.

An attempt to win approval of a nearly identical bond package was badly beaten in June while bonds for schools, parks and garbage disposal were being approved.

The band package includes money to provide office space in the old Valley Bank building built in 1816, the oldest structure owned by the county.

In Prince William County, the Board of Supervisors yesterday unanimously for controlling water use during emergencies. The ordinance, based on one passed by Fairfax County, calls for voluntary conservation in its first stage and the restriction of water use of purposes "obsolutely essential to life, health and safety" in its third and final stage.

In the middle stage, watering of lawns and plants, washing of vehicles, streets, parking lots and other outdoor surfaces, filling of swimming pools and the use of water-cooled air," conditioning that does not have water conserving equipment are banned.

The Prince William Board also eliminated hardship use permits for mobile homes in the county. The county code now will limit mobile homes to trailer parks and for temporary use with a special permit, as offices or dwellings during construction of offices and home.