Fairfax County Supervisor Andrey Moore (D-Annandale) says that the nine-member county board has held two recent closed meetings in violation of the Virginia freedom of information act.

The most recent closed meeting, last Monday, involved the question of whether sewage effluent from Fairfax's Westgate treatment plant was violating clean water standards in the Potomac estuary.

The earlier meeting, on July 25, involved salaries of the deputy sheriff and corrections officers who provide security at the county courthouse.

But county legal officials, as well as other supervisors, said the meetings were not in violation of the state act. The effluent issue, they said, involved possible litigation, and the earlier meeting involved a specific individual.

Moore claimed the meeting on effluent should have been open because legally enforceabl water standards were at issue. She also said the other meeting involved not just one individual but an entire group of employees. She cited a May statement by Attorney General Anthony F. Troy that said a meeting on personnel can be closed only if there is "discussion of employment, promotion, demotion or salaries of individually identifiable employees of the governmental body."

This week Moore asked the supervisors to publicly endorse Lane's interpretation of the recently broadened Freedom of Information Act, but, in declining to second the motion, other supervisors asked the county attorney to give an interpretation.