Another complex of high-rise office buildings is planned for the Greenbelt area on a 14-acre tract just across the beltway from the proposed Greenbelt Golden Triangle development.

The North Springhill Lake Commercial Project, owned and developed by Greenbelt Associates and six other area builders, will include five 10-story office buildings and a 200-unit motor/hotel/convention center/restaurant facility, according to Edward M. Perkins, a general partner in the development.

"We think it is an excellent site," said Perkins. "I can't imagine a better site with that road system."

The development, with an estimated market value of $23.7 million, will front Kenilworth Avenue at the north side of the Beltway.At the south side of the Beltway, between Greenbelt Road and Kenilworth Avenue, the Kenneth H. Michael Companies is planning to develop the golden triangle into another office building/restaurant complex.

Michael proposes a 20-story office building, a 400-room motor inn, banquet-type restaurant, several small office buildings, a drive-in bank, service station and a Cadillac dealership for the site.

Perkins said the Triangle development should not affect the Springhill project. "It doens't make any difference to us. We have owned this land since 1960, but after the sewer moratorium, we couldn't do anything. We have been waiting for the go-head with that to continue our planning. We can't be too concerned with what they (Michael) are trying to do."

The Prince George's County Council recommended that a sewer allocation be granted for the first phases of the North Springhill Lake commercial project in a letter to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission this week. Landscaping along the beltway side and road improvements are necessary before any building permits are issued.

Perkins said he had no proposed users for the project, but "we'll build the first building and see what the market will bear."

John Lally, aide to county executive Winfield M. Kelly Jr., said he expects the two office complexes to ba self-feeding. "We've found that restaurants generate more restaurants, office buildings generate more office buildings. The more the better for the county. We support both projects."

City Manager James Giese said he expects Greenbelt council members to support the development when presented with the plan at a meeting next Monday. "They supported it when it was first proposed, but there are different members on the council now."

Giese said he wasn't sure if the proposed Springhill and Triangle developments would flood the market for office space. "It's obvious that altogether there could be a problem. That's why they're just putting one up on speculation. But this group has a good track record of doing what they say they do," Giese said.

The owners also developed Springhill Lake Apartments and have been associated with development at Tyson's Corner Center and Landover Mall.