A full-time job as a night nurse has not deterred Mrs. Junna McNair from doing volunteer work at two Prince George's County schools, and her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

She was recently chosen from 64 volunteer nominees in the Prince George's County school system as the 1977 volunteer of the year.

Mrs. McNair, who lives at 606 Drum Ave. in Capitol Heights, has been a school volunteer for five years and is currently a volunteer at both Bladensburg Senior High and Capitol Heights Elementary School, where she works the equivalent of another full-time job.

Bladensburg Principal James Foran credit Mrs. McNair with establishing a functioning Parent Teacher Student Association at the school. In addition, she established a parent volunteer program to staff the shool's career lab, and worked in the lab herself two days a week. She also substituted for other volunteers when they were absent.

Among the things she has done at Capitol Heights Elementary School in the past five years, Mrs. McNair is credited with serving as PTA president and Ways and Means chairperson, and working as an unpaid substitute teacher many times in order for teachers to attend workshops and professional meetings. She has been called a leader in organizing parents to serve meals to the school's visitors, and has taken children to weekend and holiday trips, and contributed many hours in the school office helping with a variety of activities.

Along with Mrs. McNair, the school system honored three other volunteers. Mrs. Marion Joseph, of 7409 Lanham La., Oxon Hill, was chosen volunteer of the year for the southern area; Mrs. Annemarie Davidson, of 13208 Overbrook La., Bowie, received that title for the central area; and Mrs. Betty Johnson, of 5018 Baltic St., Capitol Heights, was named volunteer of the year for the northern area.

Mrs. Joseph has been a volunteer at Avalon Elementary School for the last 12 years. Her activities have been varied, including PTA work, the annual Fun Fair, class picnics, room mother, field trip chaperone, and Santa's workshop participant. She also served as volunteer coordinator for the independent activity room program, and works with children on a one-to-one basis. During the summer, she assisted with the six-week summer recreation program.

As a volunteer coordinator at Yorktown Elementary School for the past three years, Mrs. Davidson has worked about 25 hours each week. She surveys staff needs and community resources, coordinates scheduling and assists in placement and monitoring of all volunteer activities. Under her coordination, 71 regularly scheduled volunteers donate 130 hours each week to the school's program.

A volunteer at Lyndon Hill Elementary School for the past 10 years, Mrs. Johnson has worked to make instructional materials, acted as librarian, gone on overnight camping trips and field trips with students, and worked as a tutor.