Reservations neccessary. Major credit cards accepted. Open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 9 p.m. Accesible to the handicapped.

On one of those sweltering summer evenings recently, we decided to escape to a cool dining place where someone else could fuss over the stove. Our choice was Greek place, Azchary's, is the Chesterbrook Shopping Center in McLean.

Zachary's is decorative, but still casual, with food that is a bit special but still afforable.

Most appreciated by family diners who have children ready to eat the moment they sit down is a nicely arranged salad bar, included with the meal, where one can help himself immediately. In addition to the usual array of vegetables and dressings - including chopped scallions and homemade croutons - Zachary's offers pita bread to scoop up delicious dips of cucumber and yogurt, Greek mashed potatoes prepared with olive oil and vinegar, fresh roe, eggplant and tomatoe. The dips were a perfect cooler on a summer evening.

While our two-year-old worked his way through the dips, my husband and I shared an appetizer called saganaki ($2.50), an interesting dish of cheese fried in butter. It was a bit too salty for my taste, but my husband like it.

For a main course, we chose two dishes from the House Favorites section of the menu - dolmadakia ($5.50), stuffed grape leaves, and broiled chicken oreganato ($4.95). The grape leaves were nicely seasoned with generous portions of minced meat and rice served under a delicate sauce of egg, lemon and cream. Accompanying it was a very nice side dish of okra in a tomato sauce flavoured with cinnamon.

My choice of the chicken was prepared well, but less interesting than my husband's grape leaves. The baked potato that came with it was served in its jacket.

We shared our dinner with our son, and ordered a side order of rice for him. We were not charged for it.

Zachary's is geared up for children, with boosters and high chairs and a gracious attitude to children who stray from their own tables into someone else's dinner. They do have a children's menu - spaghetti, hamburger or cheeseburger for $2.95 including salad bar - but our waitress said most of her customers prefer to order one of the regular dishes for the children and split it.

For desert my husband and I succumbed to the house specialty, galaktobouriko ($1.15), a creamy but light custard wrapped in a honeyed pastry.It was outstanding, as was the coffee.

Zachary's, in additio to many Greek dishes, also offers a range of American and continental dishes including cold water lobster tail and steak, veal cutlet parmigiania and shrimp sauteed in butter and lemon. Prices for dinner range from $4.95 to $11.95. The restaurant also offers a respectable wine list and a range of special coffees.

Out total bill, minus tip, was $17.68.It was delivered to our table with a coupon for a free bottle of wine of our choice at our next meal. The wine is a gift from owner George Zachary Kontzias, who is celebrating his restaurant's first anniversay.