The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta recommends the children receive a primary series of vaccinations, which includes four shots against diphtheria-pertussis(whooping cough)-tetanus; four doses ofpolio vaccine; and one shot against measles, rubella and mumps. The center recommends that children receive vaccinations at the following times.

Polio - The oral polio vaccine should begin about 2 months of age. Three doses are given during the first six months to one year. A booster dose is sometimes given at 15 to 18 months of age. Another dose is recemmended at school entry.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella - Each of these diseases requires only one immunization. Such combination vaccines are available that make it possible for one injection to provide immunization for all three diseases. The immunization is recommended at approximately 15 months og age.

Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus - A combination vaccine given in four doses, beginning when the child is about two months old. A booster dose is given at school entry.

The following District health centers offer free immunizations against basic preventable childhood diseases. Call the one nearest to your home to find out the best time to come in for free immunizations.

Anacostia Clinic, 1328 W. St. SE, 889-1070.

Arthur Capper, 1011 7th St. SE, 629-2461.

Congress Heights, 3855 8th St. SE, 629-8631.

Potomac Gardens, 1227 g St. SE, 629-3360.

Ridge Road, 332 Ridge Rd. SE, 629-3374.

636 H St. NE, 629-2702.

Parkside, 701 Kenilworth Terr. NE, 399-5900.

Southwest, 850 Delaware Ave. SW, 629-5961.

Northwest Health Center, 1325 Upshur St. NW, 5767108.