Victoria Station, not to be confused with a Metro stop, has opened in Rockville. It is a restaurant made out of four boxcars and a caboose handsomely decorated to evoke the feeling of grand old British railways cars back when the Empire was seeing better days.

Actually, the idea of Victoria Station was engineered by some enterprising Californians and there are now 63 such places, the one in Rockville being the latest to open in this nationwide chain. Despite the English theme, the menu is strictly AMerican, which, translated, means a lot of breef.

My daughters, a friend of theirs and I decided to go there for lunch one day when the summer doldrums attacked. We turned off Rte. 270 at the first Gaithersburg exit onto Shady Grove Road where Victoria Station is located.

The restaurant has a large parking lot with reserved spaces for persons in wheelchairs (and a ramp to the front door). The rail cars sit at angles on tracks and parts of their walls have been cut away so they could all be connected with wooden siding.

The interior is striking, interesting enough that the kids were momentarily sidetracked from eating so they could explore each dining car and the caboose, now outfitted like a club car. We were told that the hundreds of railway artifacts are authentic, collected by a woman who spends her time scouring England and the United States for used boxcars, steam whistles, signal lanterns, old depot furniture and other paraphenalia.

We were guided through the waiting room, past a huge old refrigerator unit, with a glass and wood front, where dozens of rib roasts are stored. Signs overhead and on the walls announced destinations like Fishersgate Halt, Rugby Run and Pockham Rye.

Once seated in our dining car, we were handed slips of paper notifying us of a "cheap excursion" trip to the Dover seaside - back in 1909.On the back we found the lunch menu.

Half-pound hamburger ranging from $2.25 for the plain ones to $3.35 for those with everything are available as well as steak sandwiches, barbecued ribs beef kebobs, and a couple of non-beef [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] shrimp sauteed in garlic and wine, [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] special, which was spinanch quiche who we were there.

The three children had a hamburger [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] steak sandwich, $4.95, and London broiled steak, $4.25. The beef was of good quality [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] cooked as ordered.

I had the English Dip, $3.25, which is slices of rare roast beef served on French breast with a cup of "jins" on the side so you can drink your sandwich. Unfortunately, I got a couple of very fatty pieces of beef.

All the meals came with hot bread and a salad you can create yourself a bar set up on a baggage wagon. While this makes es the meals a good value it adds up to a great deal of good and prosective customers should be forwarded in enter fast for a day before [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] Victoria Station or to be very careful about ordering. We had a lot of food left over.

I had started [WORD ILLEGIBLE] with soup and should gave stopped with that add a saladThe soup was chicken leaked nice idea, but the various was top forgettable[PARAGRAPHS ILLEGIBLE]