A member of the Arlington County Board recently asked the Federal Aviation Administration to form an advisory board made up of local officials to consult by Dulles and National airports, including airplane noise.

Ellen, Bozman, one of the several local officials who have met with FAA officials to discuss the airports, which are owned by FAA, also urged the FAA to take interim steps aimed at providing relief for people who love nearby.

The FAA said it had not yet recieved Bozman's request.

While a long-ttem study under way of how to allocate traffic between the two airports, Bozman suggested adopting an "effective curfew" for airlines and individual airplanes; enforcing strict adherence to a fight path over the center of the Potomac River and adopting noise abatement and antipollution procedures to provide relief from those irritants.

Several local residents have complained that flights from National Airport were passing over their houses, although flights are supposed to follow the river unless weather and safety conditions required another flight pattern.

Airplane noise has been a long-standing complaint from Arlington residents who live in the shadow of flights arriving and departing from national.

"Local jurisdictions . . . have reiterated the necessity for decreased reliance on national Airport and increased use if Dullus," said Bozman in a letter to Langhorne M. Bond, administrator of the FAA.