Anna Merchant Monaghan, a former Fairfax County teacher and principal, will return to this system this year as principal of Vienna Elementary School. She will replace Catherine Brady, who retired in June, according to an announcement by superintendent S. John Davis.

Monaghan first joined the Fairfax system in 1956 and left in 1971. She has worked as a school administrator and in private business in Dayton, Ohio, and Louisville, Ky., since that time.

The transfer of 13 assistant principals in the system has also been announced.The administrators and their new assignments are: Janie Smith from Jefferson High and Michael Wade from Fairfax High, both to Lake Braddock Secondary; Dave Webber from Lake Braddock Secondary to Fairfax High; Doris Smith from Braddock Elementary to Floris Elementary; William Wilson from Laurel Ridge to Hollin Meadows Elementary; Dave Lunter from Hollin Meadows to Laurel Ridge; Emily Williams from Oak View to Canterbury Woods Elementary; Elliott Krash from Glen Forest to Greenbriar West Elementary; Jane DeTienne from Wolftrap to Great Falls Elementary; Edward O. Thompson from Hunters Woods to Belle View Elementary; Al Richardson from Shrevewood to Terraset Elementary.

Cosimo Renzi will return from sabbatical leave to a post as assistant principal of Falls Church High School. Louise Haack, who has been the Falls Church High assistant principal, will move to the school system's planning services division.