The District has asked Congress for the authority to borrow $110 million for a convention center to be built south of Mount Vernon Square. Staff writer Mark Sableman and staff photographer James A. Parcell went downtown to aks residents if they thought the District should build the center.

Harry L. Booker, a tailor who lives on the 200 block of Tennessee Avenue NE: "Yeah, I think so, because they would be able to get things that we would like to have here."

Kathy Clark, 21, a student who lives at 16th Street and Somerset Place NW: "No, I don't think that that would be such a good idea. It's crowded enough here already. There isn't ample parking for the people who live here or work here."

Karen Jesperses, 25, a legal secretary who lives at 1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW: "No, I think it's ridiculous. Because there's so many places in town that they can have conventions already. I think it's just another publicity stunt."

David Lee, 26, a computer programmer who lives on the 130 block of North Capitol Avenue NW: "Oh, I guess they should. It would generate a lot of business and upgrade the downtown area very much. It would upgrade property values and do the city a lot of good. There are a lot of intangibles."

Lester Smalls, 41, an insurance salesman who lives on the 1400 block of N Street NW: "Yes, I think it should build one. I think we have enough political and athletic activities to sustain one. I think we should build it here rather than letting it go to the suburbs."

Saundria Witherspoon, 28, a secretary who lives at 1st and Galveston Street SW: "It couldn't really hurt and it would probably help. That's the only answer I can give because I haven't really thought about it."

Pauline Young, 61, a maid at the Capitol Hilton Hotel who lives on the 3300 block of C Street SE: "It might be a good idea, but I'n not sure."