Low-income D.C. residents who are in a financial squeeze because of unusually high utility bills during last winter's severe weather still have 10 more days to apply for relief from the city government under a special federally funded program.

The city has already received nearly 2,000 requests for help through the program. The deadline for applications to be received is Friday, August 26. The program, administered by the D.C. office of emergency preparedness, will decide by Aug. 31 how to disburse the $980,000 it has to give out.

Eligibility for the program is limited on the basis of income and family size. The individual income ceiling is $3,713, while the ceiling is $7,713 for a family of four and $9,713 for a family of six. The ceiling increases $960 for each family member more than six.

Persons who can receive assistance are those whose utilities - gas, oil or electric - have been cut off or are in danger of being cut off because of unpaid bills, in which case a one-time payment to the energy supplier of up to $250 may be made on behalf of the family.

Persons who can prove dire financial need because they paid unusually large utility bills are eligible for a one-time payment of up to $50 to the household and the balance of the $250 maximum to the energy supplier as a credit for future service.

Assistance is limited will be given to persons 65 and older. Information about the program can be obtained by calling 629-5151.