A federal judge ordered the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission today to pay $24,717 to 13 women as part of the final settlement in a sex discrimination suit brought by the Southern Prince George's County Chapter of the National Organization of Women.

The individual claims, which were approved by attorneys for the WSSC and NOW, ranged from $500 to $5,000.

The two-year-old suit was partially settled last January when the WSSC agreed to allocate $80,000 to compensate women employees who could prove claims of on-the-job sex discrimination.

The four women who filed the class action suit along with NOW and the Urban Law Institute of ANtioch College, Deborah Sue Pagana-Fay, Nita Farrell, Marion Reihm and Joyce Fishman, shared $20,000 as part of the settlement of the suit.

In April, the WSSC agreed to notify women who had been employed with the agency after April 1, 1972, that they could file claims under the terms of the settlement.

Twenty-two women submitted claims for reivew by the attorneys, claiming they had been victims of sexual discrimination. The attorneys said nine of the claims were invalid.

The claims settled today did not state whether the 13 women are still employed at the WSSC.

In addition to the direct payments to the women, the WSSC has agreed to pay $15,000 annually for the next three years to an Affirmative Action Fund to improve upward mobility and training of women employees.