There was no verdict today, the 10th day of deliberation, from the jury in the political corruption trial of Maryland Gov. Marvin Mandel. The jurors left the courthouse at 7:30 p.m. and are to resume deliberations at 9 a.m. Sunday.

Last night the jurors sent a message to U.S. District Judge Robert L. Taylor alerting him that they planned to deliberate through the weekend.

When Taylor was asked today if that meant there was little hope for a verdict before Monday, he answered: "I think you're right, but I hope you're wrong."

The prospect of unceasing deliberation caused one defense attorney to warn that he would file a motion for a mistrial if the jury does not send word on its progress by Monday.

"If we don't hear something from the jurors on Monday. . .or if the judge doesn't take some action, I'll have to give serious consideration to a motion for a mistrial," said William G. Hundley, attorney for co-defendant W. Dale Hess. "Something is wrong when the jury can plan ahead for two days of deliberation."

Hundley was one of only three attorneys waiting here today for word from the jury as it entered its 91st hour of a deliberation. Since their request Wednesday for a blackboard and 12 notepads, there has been no news from the jurors, save the announcement of their weekend plans.