Two convicted robbers who escaped from the Prince George's County Jail Aug. 14 were arrested in the District of Columbia Saturday and are scheduled to be sent to the Maryland Penitentiary in Baltimore today.

Sheriff's deputies said Kevin Gill 17, was arrested at 5.30 a.m. Saturday at 12th Street and New York Avenue NW. when an officer on the District's fugitive squad answered a complaint that someone fitting Gill's description was tampering with car license plates.

The second escapee, Richard Dean, 24, was apprehended in the same block seven hours later, the sheriff's office reported.

Gill and Dean, who squeezed through window bars to escape from the county jail's weight-lifting room, were back in the jail under heavy security yesterday.

Prince George's Sheriff Don Edward Ansell said yesterday that his decision to search the offices of a maintenance company in Brentwood for Gill last Wednesday night had been supported by an assistant state attorney general. State's Attorney Arthur A. Marshall Jr. had said a search permits before lawmen enter a building to searchit.

Maryland Attorney General Francis B. Burch said in response to a reporter's query yesterday that the right to make searches varies with each situation.

"It's not a simple question," he said."It depends on the probable cause the officer has for believing a person is in a certain place, and whether or not there is a chance to get a search warrant."