The wrong admission price was listed in Thursday's Weekly for the art auction sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women. The auction will be held today at 8 p.m., at 201 S. Washington St. Alexandria. The correct admission is $1. Call 323-1414 for further information.

Where can an exceptional chyrsanthemum raised on the tenth-floor balcony of the Crystal House apartment complex in Arlington receive its just due?

Until this week, nowhere. However, if entered berfore 9 a.m. Friday it could be a blue-ribbon winner in the First Annual Arlington County Fair.

The fair will open at noon on Friday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and will continue through Sunday at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center at South 2d Street in Arlington. Admission is free.

Billed as one of the few "urban county fairs" in the country, the Arlington County Fair will include along with the more traditional county fair displays (prizes vegetables, home arts and crafts and hand-shaking politicians) exhibits reflecting more urban pastimes and concerns.

The Arlington Office of Consumer Affairs will sponsor a booth to teach citizens the proper way to complain: the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court will explain the ins and outs of the court system: the Virgina Polytechnic Institute Extension Service will diagnose sick house plants and the county police department's crime prevention mobile unit will be open for inspection.

According to fair chairman Ware Page, the idea for the fair grew out of the community gardens program. Resident gardeners in the county's 10 community garden plots were planning a Harvest Day celebration to display their produce. One thing led to another.

"Feekers were sent out by Francis Lay, VPI extension agent, to community people and we were officially organized as the Arlington County Fair, Inc. on May 11, 1977.

"Our fair is unique. It will reflect Arlington's pluralistic nature. There will be religious groups, business interests, local gardeners, charity and community groups all under one roof," Ware said.

The hours of the fair are Friday and Saturday, noon to 9 p.m. and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Awards will be presented Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

There will be home arts exhibits and demonstrations of macrame, pottery, silver, ceramics, drip and drape dolls, wooden toys, musical instruments, fly trying, face painting and sand designs. You can have your portrait sketched, attend on auction or buy a custom made bumper sticker.

There will be ribbon competition in the following categories: home arts, preserving, crafts, cake decorating produce, flower arranging, individual flowers paints, photography, sculpture, clothing and baked goods.

All entries must be received by 9 a.m. Friday.Entries must show a price if they are for sale and ten per cent of the proceeds will be collected by the Fair Board to cover costs. All entries must remain on display for the duration of the fair.

For additional information and a complete schedule of fair events, call theVPI Extension Service at 558-2475.