Washington: Today - Partly cloudy, high in mid 80s, low near 70. Chance of rain rear zero today, 10 per cent tonight. Sunday - Partly cloudy, hight near 90.

Maryland& Today - Partly cloudy, highs in low to mid 80s, lows in mid to upper 60s. Sunday - Partly cloudy, highs near 90.

Virginia: Today - Partly cloudy, highs in mid 80s, lows in upper 60s. Chance of afternoon and evening snowers in southwest. Sunday - Partly cloudy, high near 90.

Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Say: Today - Fair skies with 90cc visibility through tonight. Winds should be southely or southwesterly at up to 12 knots during the day, diminishing during the night.

Extended Area Outlook: For Monday through Wednesday - Fair skies with highs in upper 80s lows in upper 60s through the period Washingtons normal temperature range for this ture of pear is from 84 to 65.

Atlantic Ocean Beaches from Cases May to Cape Halteras: Today - Partly cloudy, highs near 80. Sunday - Partly cloudy, highs in 50s. Water temperatures should range from low 70s in north to rear 80 in south both days.

West Virginia: Today - Sunny, high near 90, lows in upper 61s to raid 70s. It shoudl be cocler in mountains. Sunday - Sunny, highs in mid 80s to mid 90s.

The National Weather Forecast for Today - Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely from the northern and central Rocky Mountain regian eastward to the upper Great Lakes, and from the lower Chio Vallery southward through Alabama and southeastern North Cardina to the Atlactic and Gulf Coast. Isolaned showers are possible form the northern Rocky Mountain region westward to the Pacific and over the western Guif Coast regon. Temperatures will be seasonably mild to cool from the northern and central Rocky Mountain region westard to the Pacific over porions of the southern petea region, the northern Plairs and the northern part of the upper Mississippi Valley. The remainder of the nation can expect to warm [WORD ILLEGIBLE] hut.

ALMANAC DATA FOR Saturday, Aug. 27, Sun rises 6:32 a.m. sets 7:45 p.m; moon rises 6:53 p.m. sets 5:10 a.m. Tides; High 7:35 a.m. and 8:07 p.m. Low 1:45 a.m. and 2:18 p.m. High and low tides at the following incations can be contained by suctracting the hours indicated from the tides above annapolis (3 1/2); Bloody Paint Light house (4 1/2); Deale, Md. ( 4 1/2)Q; Colonial Beach (6); Morfox (1 1/2); Virginia Beach (1): Solomons Island (6 1/2); Point Lockout (7).

Pollen Count: 22 ragreed noted more than 7 or higher is cansicered undesirable.)

THE COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS' AIR QUALITY INDEX for yesterday snowed the high reading in the Washington are during the 2 to 3 p.m. period was 75 fo rthe pollutant, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] exidants. Index values between 50 and 99 indicate healty air quality. When the index exceeds 100 the air is considered very unhealty and indivlduals with long, heart and eye aimerts are urged to restrict their actisity. The forecast for today indicates that the air quality will improve.

The National Weather Service forecasts the Potomac6 River state at Little Fall shoud fall to clear 2-7 feet today. Local Temp. Humidity(TABLE) Time(COLUMN)T.(COLUMN)H. 12 mid. 62(COLUMN)97 1 a.m.(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)90 2 a.m.(COLUMN)59(COLUMN)97 3 a.m.(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)96 4 a.m.(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)96 5 a.m.(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)100 6 a.m.(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)96 7 a.m.(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)96 8 a.m.(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)96 9 a.m.(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)87 10 a.m.(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)76 11 a.m.(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)73 12 noon(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)64 1 p.m.(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)54 2 p.m.(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)58 3 p.m.(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)58 4 p.m.(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)56 5 p.m.(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)56 6 p.m.(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)60(END TABLE) Temperatures ending S a.m. (EDT) Yesterday(TABLE) City(COLUMN)H.(COLUMN)L. Albary(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)42 Alburouserque(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)66 Amarillo(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)71 Apchorage(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)57 Asnevite(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)68 Atianta(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)71 Austin(COLUMN)98(COLUMN)76 Baltimore(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)52 Billings(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)56 Birmingham(COLUMN)99(COLUMN)76 Bismark(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)63 Boise(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)55 Bcston(COLUMN)76(COLUMN)56 Brownsvile(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)76 Buffaio(COLUMN)71(COLUMN)50 Burlington Vt.(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)53 Casper(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)51 Charleston S.C.(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)72 Chartton W.Va.(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)74 Charlotte, N.C.(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)71 LChevenne(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)51 Chicago(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)63 Cincinnati(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)60 Cleveland(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)49 Columbla S.C.(COLUMN)85(COLUMN)72 Collumbus. Ohip(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)54 Dal. Ft. Worth(COLUMN)96(COLUMN)76 Dayton(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)55 Denver(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)59 Des Moines(COLUMN)81(COLUMN)69 Derrot(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)43 [WORD ILLEGIBLE] (COLUMN)64(COLUMN)69 Ei Paso(COLUMN)93(COLUMN)75 Fairbants(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)52 Fargo(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)65 Flagstaff(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)51 GrestFals(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)51 Harford(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)47 Helena(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)49 [WORD ILLEGIBLE] (COLUMN)88(COLUMN)56 Houston(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)78 Iroiarandis(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)60 Jackson Miss(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)74 Jacksonville(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)70 Kacsas City(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)74 Las Vegas(COLUMN)98(COLUMN)77 Little Rock(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)74 Los Angeles(COLUMN)81(COLUMN)66 Louisville(COLUMN)82(COLUMN)66 Memahis(COLUMN)93(COLUMN)78 Mlary Beach(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)82 Michland(COLUMN)100(COLUMN)74 Mliackee(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)60 Mous St. Paul(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)65 Nastvile(COLUMN)87(COLUMN)71 New Orlears(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)73 New York(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)59 Norfolk(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)59 North Piathz(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)67 [WORD ILLEGIBLE] City(COLUMN)95(COLUMN)75 Ornaha(COLUMN)79(COLUMN)74 Oriardo(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)74 Philadeania(COLUMN)76(COLUMN)55 Pnoenio(COLUMN)105(COLUMN)80 Pittsburg(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)51 Portialife(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)43 Portianaire(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)58 Prowderce(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)46 Raleign(COLUMN)81(COLUMN)64 Rapid City(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)61 Reno(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)53 Richroic(COLUMN)79(COLUMN)54 St. Louis(COLUMN)82(COLUMN)67 St. Prbg Tanca(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)76 Salt Lake City(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)56 San [WORD ILLEGIBLE] (COLUMN)95(COLUMN)76 San Dieso(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)70 San Francisco(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)56 San Juas. P.R.(COLUMN)89(COLUMN)76 St. Ste. Ware(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)51 Seattle(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)55 Snreveor(COLUMN)93(COLUMN)72 Sigux Falls(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)73 Spokare(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)50 Siracuse(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)43 Topeka(COLUMN)87(COLUMN)77 Tiucson(COLUMN)100(COLUMN)77 [WORD ILLEGIBLE] (COLUMN)63(COLUMN)76 Washington(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)56 Wichita(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)76(END TABLE) Temperatures Abroad Yesterday(TABLE) City(COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)Time(COLUMN)Temp. Aberdean(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)65 Amsterdam(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)66 Ankara(COLUMN) pt. cldy(COLUMN) 3 p.m.(COLUMN)[WORD ILLEGIBLE] Athens(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 2 p.m.(COLUMN)82 Auckland(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)midnight(COLUMN)55 Bevin(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)65 Birmingham(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)61 Brussels(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)64 Cairo(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 2 p.m.(COLUMN)97 Casablanca(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)roon(COLUMN)73 Coceghagen(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)64 Duplin(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN) 1 p.M(COLUMN)67 Geneia(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)68 Hong Kong(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN) 8 p.m.(COLUMN)84 Lisbon(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)noon(COLUMN)72 London(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)68 Marcrid(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)70 Malta(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Manina(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN) 6 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Moscon(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 3 p.m.(COLUMN)66 New Deni(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN) 5 p.m.(COLUMN)93 Nica(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)73 Cslo(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)66 Paris(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)68 Peking(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 8 p.m.(COLUMN)77 Rome(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)72 Saigon(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN) 8 p.m.(COLUMN)79 Sofia(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 2 p.m.(COLUMN)68 Stocktoim(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)65 Syprey(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)11 p.m.(COLUMN)61 Tel Aviv(COLUMN)vlear(COLUMN) 2 p.m.(COLUMN)38 Tokyo(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN) 9 p.m.(COLUMN)77 Tunis(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)93 Vienna(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)73 Warsaw(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN) 1 p.m.(COLUMN)63(END TABLE) Tempertaures (Western Hemisphere/(TABLE) City(COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)High(COLUMN)Low Acadoio(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)51(COLUMN)82 Barbados(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)87(COLUMN)77 Bermuda(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)87(COLUMN)79 Bogcta(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)42 Calgary(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)37 Coliacan(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)95(COLUMN)77 Eomacton(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)39 Havana(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)98(COLUMN)73 Kingston(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)98(COLUMN)79 Montego Bay(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)98(COLUMN)72 Mexico City(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)54 Montneal(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)100(COLUMN)72 Mortreal(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)46 Massau(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)90(COLUMN)79 Ottana(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)49 Regina(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)41 St. Kitts(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)90(COLUMN)77 ST. Thomas(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)80 Torasto(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)45 Wancauver(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)52 Veractaz(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)75 Winnigeg(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)48(END TABLE)