Kahleen Wheeler Crump, a noted sculptor whose works have been exhibited in the United States and England, died Friday at Sibley Memorial Hospital after a stroke. She was 92.

Mrs. Crump, who lived in Chevy Chase since 1927, was born in Reading, England, and studied at the Slade Art School in London. In 1910, she and her sister moved to Western Canada where she lived on a ranch and made sketches and models of horses. One of these pieces was exhibited in the Royal Academy in London and was purchased by King George V of England.

After moving to Chicago in 1914, Mrs. Crump married a Virginian, W.R.H. Crump, continued her association with the Little Theater Group here and also modeled busts of Clarence Darrow and Samuel Gompers. For 10 years she was commissioned to sculpt and paint the Kentucky Derby winners, and these models and paintings are currently on exhibit at Churchchill Downs in Kentucky.

In 1939, Mrs. Crump compleated a bust of former Sen. George W. Morris that is presently on display at the Morris Dam in Tennessee. She sculpted porcelain figurines of Queen Elizabeth II was presented to the Queen Mother in 1954 during her visit to the United States,

Mrs. Crump is survived by her son, Ralph, of Ihaca, N.Y.; one brother in Ontario, Canada; three sisters in England; and grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.