A 22-year-old Takoma Park man convicted of murdering a Beltsville mechanic last year as part of a conspiracy that involved the victim's wife, was sentenced in the Prince George's County Circuit Court yesterday to life imprisonment.

Francis Eugene Smith was convicted Aug. 12 of murdering Donald Cumberledge, 37, whose cut and battered body was found lying in a pool of blood in his apartment at 11354 Evans Trail the morning of June 23, 1976.

Judge James Gouch sentenced Smith to additional three years for carrying a dangerous weapon.

Also sentenced yesterday was Randy Goddard, who was Smith's roommate at 676 Huston Ave. at the charged in connection with the incident.

Goddard, who pleaded guilty in February to accessory to manslaughter, was sentenced by Judge Couch to five years in prison. In return for providing evidence against the victim's wife, Nancy Ann Cumberledge of Laurel, the state's attorney's office recommended a maximum five-year sentence for Goddard. Because he has already spent 14 months in jail, Goddard willbe eligible for parole immediately.

Nancy Ann Cumberledge was sentenced to 15 years in prison in January after she was convicted on conspiracy to commit murder. She is currently free on bond pending an appeal.