John Francis Hillyard Jr., and attorney and former director of the Selective Service System for the District of Columbia, died Wednesday at Providence Hospital after a brief illness. He was 75.

Mr. Hillyard was a native Washingtonian who graduated from Business High School here and received his law degree in 1932 from the Columbus School of Law. He practiced law in the area for 40 years.

Beginning his work with the Selective Service System here as an appeals agent, Mr. Hillyard served as chairman of Board no. 4 for many years before President Eisenhower appointed him to be director of the Selective Service System for the District of Columbia in 1958.

Mr. Hillyard was a director of the Police Boys Club for D.C. and helped raise the initial funds to purchase musical instruments for the group's band. As a past president of the Michigan Park Citizens' Association, he was instrumental in getting a viaduct built over the Michigan Avenue railroad crossing and helped in the development of the Turkey Thicket recreation area.

A past chairman of the membership committee for the Washington Board of Trade, Mr. Hillyard also had belonged to the D.C. and American Bar associations Sigma Delta Kappa Law Fraternity University Club. Reciprocity Club, the Counselors, Holy Name and the Manrsea and Loyola Retreat Groups. He also helped raise funds to buy instruments for the metropolitan police band.

Mr. Hillyard was very interested in politics and served for many years as a member of the Republican State Committee for D.C. He also was a member of the Washington Council, Knights of Columbus and Past Faithful Navigator of Washington General Assembly, 4th Degree.

Mr. Hillyard is survived by his wife, Anne, of the home in the District, and eight children. John F. Jr. of Alexandria, William F. of Rockville, Robert L. of Gaithersburg, Richard A. of Silver Spring, Charolette A. Gardiner of Baltimore, M. Eileen Joyner of Kensington and David A. of the home in the District: 24 children; a brother, Harry, of Silvr Spring; and a sister, Edna Howard of the District.