A Washington man charged with auto theft and forgery in Charles County, Md., who became the subject of an international investigation because he refused to reveal his identity was found innocent of the charges by reason of insanity by a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge yesterday.

The man, called John Doe by investigators, has continued to keep his identity a secret for the past seven months while he has been in the Clifton T. Perkins state (mental) hospital, according to Assistant State's Attorney Larry Beard.

Judge Plummer M. Shearin is expected to order Doe back to Perkins for evaluation to determine whether he is a danger to the communtiy.

Beard said that if Doe is found not to be a danger, under the law he may be released.

Police said Doe has impersonated a White House security officer, a Washington attorney and inmate at a Bismarck, N.D., penitentiary.

Papers found on Doe identified him as David Edmund Allard, who lived at 1728 Lamont St. NW, Washington, police said, but checks revealed that Allard is actually a prisoner in North Dakota.

When confronted with this information, Doe refused to identify himself further.

Police said they found black power and electrical wiring, which resembled the kind used in making explosives, in Doe's Washington apartment. Doe is described by investigators as being in his mid-20s, with a dark complexion, possibly of Middle East extraction. Police said they are sure he is an illegal alien, a fact they learned through conversations with the man. Doe told authorities that he came to the United States from Toronto six years ago. He was charged in Charles County with forging a $650 check and with stealing an auto from a Waldorf, Md., man who refused to sell him the car.