Maryland Police have arrested a 29-year-old former Baltimore man in Reno, Nev., and charged him with the murders of two Baltimore women.

Police said William Davis was charged Monday with the shooting and sexual assualt of Peggy E. Pumpian, the daughter of a retired Pikesville clothier, and Kathleen D. Cook, the daughter-in-law of a StatePolice lieutenant colonel.

According to police, Davis was originally charged with the rape of another Baltimore City Women when he was arrested in Nevada. Police said he later was charged with the two murders upon his returning to Baltimore.

Police said Miss Pumpian was killed in August, 1976. Her body was foundin her car, which was parked on 1-95 south of Baltimore.

Mrs. Cook, according to police, was killed New Year's Eve in 1975 after she was lured out of a Baltimore night club by someone who paged her over the public address system saying her car was blocking another's exit.

Police said Davis was charged with the two murders because police had discovered in his car a CB radio that allegedly had been purchased with a credit card stoeln from one of the murder victims.

Police also said the "strong similarities"in the two alleged murders and the alleged rape of the Baltimore woman pinpointed the suspect.