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It was a hot day. My friend and I had five children in tow, ranging in ages from 2 to 6, and we didn't feel like facing the inevitable lunchtime stack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

So we chose to have our lunch at the Green Dragon Chinese restaurant, next to a supermarket in the Town Center shopping center on Rte. 7 near Sterling Park.

As it turned out, it was a treat for all of us; it was a discovery so good that we resolved to go back some night without the children and try some of the hotter Szechuan items on the menu.

Lunchtime is not the busiest part of the day for the Green Dragon, and we were immediately shown to a large corner table. The waiter fetched the littlest one a high chair, and we mothers fortified ourselves with glasses of white wine and caved in to the usual requests for cokes from the kids. Oh well, milk doesn't go very well with Chinese food, does it?

The lunch menu is not nearly as extensive as the one offered at dinner, but most of the standard favorites are available: chicken with almonds at $2.75, beef with green pepper, $2.75; shrimp with lobster sauce, $3.25; Szechuan shrimp, $3.25; and moo sou pork, $3.25, to mention several. These main dishes come with a choice of egg roll or egg-drop soup, steamed rice and tea.

Since the children were ravenous, we ordered appetizers first - fried won tons and the egg rolls that came with our meals. Although the won tons came six for $1.20, our waiter very kindly brought an extra so everyone could have one. Crispy but not greasy, and filled with a well seasoned pork mixture, they were a hit with everyone.

The egg rolls were large, steaming hot and had to be doled out in sections, which were harder for the children to handle, and therefore not as popular. But I can attest to the fact that everything in them was crisp and tasty - very good by egg roll standards.

Since the children are not well versed in Chinese food, my friend and I made the arbitrary decisions on what to have for the main course. But when the youngsters heard "pancakes" mentioned in regard to the moo sou pork, (the Green Dragon's spelling of that fish is unusual), they all demanded that we have that, so we ordered one serving with five extra pancakes, at 15 cents each. We also asked for beef with green pepper, ($2.75) and sweet and sour chicken ($2.15). Three bowls of steamed rice came with our orders, and as it turned out, we had plenty for everyone.

The moo sou pork was decidedly the best I've ever had - soft enough to fill a pancake, yet crisp enough to be a little crunchy. It was the biggest success with the children. The beef with green pepper also was quite good. The only poor show was the sweet and sour chicken, which we ordered mainly for the children's benefit but which was too sweet even for them.

By the time we had finished the meal, the children's restaurant manners had disappeared, so we skipped our tea and asked for the bill, which for two adults and five children was a ver reasonable $15.52, including tip.

In the evening, the Green Dragon offers a wider selection of dishes at prices about $1 to $2 steeper than those at lunch. A few American dishes are available at both lunch and dinner. There is also a carry-out menu, which includes most of the dinner offerings.