Three citizen groups school classes in the District are among 14 area groups to receive special small grants throught the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to get more people involved in cleaning up region's rivers and streams.

The groups are receiving average grants of $300 from the Environmental Pretection Agency to help focus attention on COG's efforts to improve water quality here. Winners were selected by a citizen participation subcommittee of COG's Water Resourve Citizen Advisory Committee, which advises COG on water quality and water suppliy projects.

The following District organzations received grant awards:

Frank W.Ballou High School received a grant for an ecological study of Oxon Run, a Potomac River tributary. Oxon Run will be =adopted" by the school as its stream and its water-shed boundaries will be outlined. Students will then conduct a preliminary survey of condition, develop a plan for assessing the stream and identify probelm and solutions. At the end of the project, a workshop is planned at the shool for science teachers, area and school administrators and students.

Congress Heights Civic Association of Southeast D.C. was awarded a grant for a water conservation and water clean-up project to include design ans construction of poster, drawn by junior high school students, to illustrate the important of water conservation. The posters will be displayed at public places in the Congress Heights neighborhood and along the Anacostia River waterfront. The students will also prepare a water conservation flyer for distribution and display in apartment buildings, churches and grocery and fast-food stores. A slide-tape show will be parpared to illustrate the pollution in the Anacostisa River and the effect it has had on fish. That show is to be available to schools in the Southeast, along with civic, churches, and other groups this fall.

Far East Community Services, Inc. receiving a grant for a cheap for a clean-up and beautification program in far Northeast D.C. east of the Anacostia River and nmorth of Pennsylyvania Avenue.The effort is to include a nature hike and boat trip in conjunction with summer day care programs to alert youngsters to the ways their area's water resources are being used and abused. A water fair planned for early September willsahow the importance of clean water in everyday lives. A clean-up campaign is already underway to clean up streets, sewerw, pulluted creeks and infested drains. Results of the campaign will be presented at the water fair.

In addition, Cub Scout dens through-out the metropolitan area hacve visited their nearest body of water to observe and make recommendations on ways to improve condition.