David Berkowitz, accused of being the .44-cal. killer known as "Son of Sam," had planned to slay at least a dozen more young women and plant explosives in the World Trade Center so he could mow down fleeing occupants with a machine gun, according the New York Daily News.

After Berkowitz was arrested Aug. 10 outside the Yonkers apartment house where he lived, police quoted him as saying he also intended to "go out in a blaze of glory" by shooting up a crowded Long Island discotheque with his submachine gun.

The submachine gun was one of the four weapons found when the 24-year-old Berkowitz was arrested. The others were a shotgun and two revolvers, including the .44-cal. Charter Arms Bulldog that he allegedly used to kill six persons and wound seven others until his arrest last month.

The Daily News cited "a rambling diary" of 70 notes seized in Berkowitz' apartment which said the killings would be carried out to satisfy "Sam's lust for young blood."

The News quoted informed sources as saying one of the notes detailed how Berkowitz planned to kill at least 12 more in the area.

At the end of this note, Berkowitz allegedly wrote that if these attacks did not satisfy "Sam's blood lust," then perhaps an explosive should be detonated with the World Trade Center and he would await evacuees with a machine gun.