Seventy-five tennis players and spectators showed up last night at the Fairfax Racquet Club where Rep. Joseph Fisher and Barbara Weiss, a Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, played mixed double against all challengers.

"It will take me a little while, but I'llget better," Fisher assured Weiss after he hit a forehand shot into the net during the first set.

He did improve. The couple easily defeated two mixed doubles teams before breaking for some political campaigning.

"You understand we (Weiss and Fisher) passed up the national Open at Forest Hills to be here tonight," said Fisher.

"This is one of the nicest ways to campaign," Fisher told the crowd.

The event, billied as the "first Democratic Tennis Tournament," is the latest in unusual campaign fund-raisers that Northern Virginia candidates for the House of Delegates are staging as a way to attract attention to campaigns that have been over-shadowel by the state gubernatorial races.

Weiss, an avid tennis player, charged each tennis player $12.50 and each each spectator $10. The event netted her more than $750.

"I've always thought tennis was a Republican sport," master of ceremonies Gary Eklund said. "Racket court - they're all Republican adjectives," he said.

Weiss, a political newcomer is campaigning on a platform that calls for strengthening the family. She favors continued support for the elderly, increased health care and child care and full employment.

The other Democratic candidates in the 18th District race - incumbent Dels. Dorothy McDiarmid and Raymond Vickery, and Kenneth Plum and Karetta Hubbard - attended last night's event, but did not play tennis.