An Alexandria woman who left a Capitol Hill area restaurant early Saturday was raped twice shortly afterward, by two different assailants in two separate incidents, D. C. police reported.

After leaving the restaurant, which she had visited with friends, the woman reportedly parted from them, but then noticed that she did not have the key to her automobile.

According to a police source she walked for a few blocks, then sat on some steps when she was accosted by a man who asked: "What's the matter, baby?"

Reportedly, she told the man to leave, but he grabbed her and forced her into an alley.

On seeing that the man was carrying a knife, the woman decided against resisting him, the police source said, and the man raped her.

The assailant then left and the woman began walking toward the Southeast freeway, apparently, according to police, with the intention of obtaining aid or a ride from a passing motorist.

As the woman was about to walk up the freeway entrance ramp, the source said, she was approached by the second assailant.

The man reportedly asked where she was going, then asked her to perform a sex act. She refused, the police source said, and the man raped her.

Police reportedly found the woman walking on the freeway shortly afterward.