Henry and Angelina Cheri spent more than 78 years of married life together, first in Italy, then in Annapolis and finally in Washington and Silver Spring.

He was busy for much of that time, operating a tailor shop and later a golf course. She was busy for most of that time, cooking and keeping house for a large family (there were 11 children).

Toward the end of July, Henry Cheri, at the age of 98, was admitted to the Washington Adventist Hospital with Hodgkin's disease.

A week later, Angelina Cheri, at the age of 95, was admitted to the same hospital after suffering a second stroke.

They were in separate rooms on the same floor but were unable to visit each other.

On Aug, 12, Henry Cheri died. His wife was never told of his death although the family believes she suspected that he was gone.

On Sept., 5, 25 days later, Angelina Cheri died.

Their story began in Palmoli, Italy, where both were born and where they were married.

When he was about 21, Henry Cheri, whose Italian name was Ciero, decided to seek his fortune in the United States. He came to Annapolis by way of New York City, leaving Angelina, who was pregnant with their first child, in Palmoli.

After he had secured a job as a tailor in Annapolis, he returned to Italy and brought his wife and son back to Annapolis.

There were two more children before they moved from Annapolis to Washington, where Henry Cheri worked as a tailor at the National War College.

About 1921, he transferred to Walter Reed Hospital, where he owned and operated his own tailor and dry cleaning shop for more than 35 years, retiring in about 1957.

In the meantime, he had acquired the Sunset Golf Course in Hollywood, Fla., which he owned until his death.

Henry and Angelina Cheri moved from Washington to Silver Spring in the mid-1960s. They continued to spend their time between their home here and a home in Hollywood.

In retirement, he spent most of his time playing golf here and in Florida. When he was 86 years old, he made a hole-in-one.

He also made the wine that accompanied the banquets that his wife cooked for the children, their friends, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that came along.

Both were active members for many years fo Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Washington.

They are survived by eight children of Louis Arlington, James, of Washington. Rose Meola, Henry Jr., Frank and Alfred, all of Silver Spring, Nicholas, of Lewisdale. Md., and George of Fort Lauderdale.

There also are 22 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

Today Henry and Angelina Cheri lie side by side in Fort Lincoln Cemetery.