The Fairfax County school administration policy on closing underutilized schools will be the major topic of discussin tonight when the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations holds its first fall meeting at 8 pm in the Fairfax hospital cateroium.

School closings are one of a number of topics identified by the federation board of directors as deserving special attention this year from the membership.

The federation is comprised of representatives from more than 100 civic associations throughout Fairfax county, and county officials say they consider the organization to be an influential voice in county government affairs.

The federation has already taken a position in favor of school closings and has stated that elementary schools of less then 400 students should be prime candidates.

"Now we would like to see the process put into effect soon," said president John Lynch "We are far more anxious to start the process than the school administration is. We'd like some decisions made by next February, which would affect the budget for the next fiscal year."

In addition to school closings, the following topics are among the issues the federation has targeted for special attention this year.

Juvenile detention and juvenile court needs, especially those related to the new Youth Offender Status System, which became effective in July.

County budget objectives for fiscal 1979, in particular, encouraging the county board of supervisors to take amore active role in setting budget objectives.

The implications and impacts on county police of county housing authority actions.

Enactment and implementation of an effective affirmative action program in employment by the Fairfax county government and the county school board.

Scheduling of capital improvement bond issues for the next five years.

Lynch, as the federation's new president predicts the organization will "take more of an advocacy role than it has." He also says the organization has grown more conservative over the past four or five years.

"There'll be times when we're speaking conservatively on one issue and liberally on another," he said.

Next Tuesday, the federation will institute what Lynch calls "a new service for our members," "Workshop of Civic Association Presidents," at 8 p.m. in the Fairfax Hospital cafetorium.

Congressman Herb Harris (D-8th dist), State Senator Adelard L. Brault (D-34th dist.) and County Board Chairman Jack Herrity, will address the workshop.

The agenda is to include a panel session on district councils, zoning problems, "yhe public and the hidden agenda of public hearings," the federation's role, and the organization and operation of civic association presidents on how to stimulate citizen interest and how to secure action in behalf of their local association", said Lynch.