Color Art Photography has signed an agreement with the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Affairs assuring that it has changed its "discount certificate" sales approach. The portrait studio, operated by Ralph White, is located at 2653 University Blvd. West in Wheaton.

According to consumer affairs investigator Steve Silcox, Color Art had been offering $5 certificates entitling the purchaser to a $30 color portrait in the 8-x-10 inch size. In promoting the certificates, Color Art showed some samples dn proofs utilizing a popular high-contrast technique called the "Rembrandt" process.

The Office of Consumer Affairs alleges that when customers chose the attractive process from the photo proofs, Color Art told them that the Rembrandt process was not available in the 8-x-10 size. The customer had to either select a proof using normal processing or pay substantially more for a larger size portrait done the Rembrandt way.

Under the consumer protection chapter in the County Code, misrepresenting or omitting a material fact in a way that misleads is a deceptive trade practice. While not admitting to any such violation, White agreed that Color Art will henceforth make the Rembrandt process available in any standard size photo asked for and, if it cannot do so, will make that clear before a customer signs a sales agreement.