We already have "Virginia Is for Lovers" and "Maryland Is for Crabs." Now there's "Arlington: The Washington Connection."

Arlington County's new slogan, announced last week at a county board work session, is the brainchild of Florence and Paul Starzynski, who used up one evening and, in Starzynski's words, "about two fifths of wine" dreaming up a dozen entries for the slogan contest. The contest, which was part of last month's first county fair, was co-sponsored by the visitors commission and the Chamber of Commerce.

Visitor's commission chief Robert C. Wible said that there were 800 entries to the contest, which was limited to Arlington residents. The 800 entries were gradually narrowed to about six slogans, three of which were submitted by the Starzynskis. Starzynski is chief of the audio-visual section of the United States Information Agency. His wife is a county police officer.

Wible said that the winning slogan, which will be emblazoned on T-shirts, bumper stickers, brochures and buttons and is designed to promote tourism in the county, had to be understandable to "people who've barely heard of Washington, let alone Arlington, Va."

"My favorite one we submitted was 'Washington, Lee and Me,'" said Florence Starzynski, who conceded that perhaps people in Peoria might not understand the historic reference.

Wible noted that a large number of the losing slogans referred to Arlington Cemetery. "There was 'Arlington Is Not Grave' and 'Arlington Is For The Living,' things that like. A lot of people tried to spell out something with the word Arlington like 'A is for Apples' or something. And we must have had 30 "Arlington Is For People," Wible said.

According to Wible, other submissions included "Arlington: A Capitol Idea" and "Arlington Congress Sleeps Here."

The Starzynskis' prize - which was greeted by general laughter - is a weekend for two at the Stouffer's National Center Inn in . . . you guessed it . . . Arlington.