Maryland high school seniors can apply now for positions as pages in the state General Assembly during the 1978 session.

Applicants must be at least 16, have the permission of their parents, a social security number, an interest in history and government and a good scholastic record, according to an announcement by the Montgomery County public school system.

Pages are paid $17 per legislative day for expenses but must provide their own lodging and transportation.

Completed forms must be submitted by Oct. 10. Nineteen pages and four alternates will be chosen from Montgomery County by a committee composed of students and adults.

Additional forms and information can be obtained from Mike Mchaelson, Room 221, Einstein High School, 11135 Newport Mill Rd., Kensington, Md. 20795, telephone 949-5176.

In another development of interest to high school seniors, a National College Fair will be held in the Sheraton Park Hotel in the District on Nov. 8-9.

Representatives of more than 300 colleges, universities and vocational-technical schools will attend the meeting to answer the questions of students and parents about scholarships, financial aid, how to choose a major, applications procedures, test requirements and veterans' benefits.

A general information center will be manned by high school counselors and will offer person-to-person counseling for students and parents. Visitors to the fair also will be given a directory lising each institution represented, including degrees and majors offered, costs and student enrollment.

George Barrons, a counselor at Winston Churchill High School, is fair chairman of the D.C. area.