"My brother's novel brought me out of my shell, so to speak," said District resident Julius C. Haley, brother of "Roots" author Alex Haley. "But I've got my own life to live," he said. He is concentrating on becoming more successful as an architect.

When Julius Haley is not working as a supervisory architect for the David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center in Bethesda, he devotes his time to completing design of a mosque. His brother Alex is funding the construction of the Islamic house of worship, which will be donated to the Haleys' ancestral village of Juffure in the African Republic of the Gambia.

"Alex decided to donate the mosque to the village as a gesture of appreciation for the support he received from the villagers during his research of 'Roots,'" Julius said. In designing the mosque, Julius said he is trying "to incorporate my own design ideas into its construction without offending the religious believes of the Islamic faith." Construction is planned to begin in Jeffure in the near future.

Julius Haley lives at 216 Whittier St., here, with his wife, the former Dolores Sherrod of Augusta, Ga., and their two sons, Alan, 21, and Christopher, 18.