The following students who attend District schools are among approximately 15,000 students to be named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists in the 23rd annual program. They were selected from more than one million students who entered the 1978 Merit program. The semifinalists represent the top half of 1 per cent of the nation's most academically qualified young people.

The semifinalists are the highest-scoring students in each state who took the 1976 Preliminary Scholastic Apitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. To be considered for scholarships, they must advance to finalist standing by meeting additional requirements, such as being fully endorsed and recommended for scholarships by their secondary school principals, presenting school records that confirm high academic standing, and substantiating their high qualifying second examination.

More than 90 per cent of the semifinalists are expected to qualify as finalists and to receive certificates of merit next February, according to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Those who become finalists will compete for at least a thousand National Merit $1,000 scholarships, which are one-time, nonrenewable awards. Finalists who meet preferential criteria designated by grantors will also be considered for about 2,900 four-year Merit scholarships to be offered in 1978.

The semifinalists are:

Academy of Notre Dame - Constance M. Smith.

Georgetown Day School - Marc Fishman, Bryan H. Fortson, Amy N. Jonas, Claude S. Noshpitz, Janet M. Tersoff, and Robert J. Waldmann.

Gonzaga College High School - Allen G. Gibbs, Michael P. McKenna, Kari G. Olson, John J. Steele, and Justin Whittington.

Immaculata Preparatory School - Melanie J. Gross, Alison N. Jennings, and Janice Stanton.

Le Reine High School - Margaret E.Hammer, Roseann M. Hartke, and Leslie A. Mulligan.

National Cathedral School - Elizabeth M. Fisher, Margaret W. Greer, Gabrielle J. Pregnail, and Jennifer Scott.

School Without Walls - Kristin Knuath.

Sidwell Friends School - James B. Delongs Adam Farquha, Andrew M. Froomkin, Susan W. Hammond, Marga L. Heimann, Philip A. Jones, Hilary K.P. Kacser, Rachel A. Klayman, James K. Sams, Jonathan Southard, Peter R. Wieczorowski, and Oliver L. Wilder.

St. Alban's School - John Hansen, Joseph J. Keenan, Emnet C. Lucey, Alexander A. Thuronyi, and Charles A. Wood.

St. John's College High School - Patrick J. Hallady.

Woodrow Wilson Senior High School - Emily B. Myers, Steven J. Okun , Natasha Pearl, Allan M. Rubin, and Andrew H. Simon.