A 27-year-old druggist and a 30-year-old optician have been arrested in Fairfax County and two persons are being sought by police in connection with a conspiracy to illegally sell $100,000 worth of drugs, police reported yesterday.

Police identified the two arrested men as David J. White, of 3100 S. Manchester St., near Falls Church, who owns and operates the Medical Park Pharmacy at 6060 Arlington Blvd., and John Marshall Parks, of 4401 Elaine Ct., Fairfax, who is an optician for the Mayflower Optical Co. located in the same Arlington Boulevard medical building.

Police have issued arrest warrants in connection with the alleged illegal drug sales for Marguerite Richardson, 22, of 7773 Clifton Rd., Fairfax Station, and John Franklin Mansfield, 40, whose last known address was the Veterans Administration Hospital in the District of Columbia.

According to Fairfax narcotics detective Jim Sizemore, the conspiracy involved the sale of four drugs - morphine, Quaaluade, parest (a form of Quaalude), and Dilaudid, a potent of used by heroin addicts.

Sizemore said White Allegedly forged 46 prescriptions on Alexandria Hospital forms for 5,000 tablets of the four drugs.

Police said the druggist sold each pill for $3 to $6 to Parks, who in turn sold the pills for $8 to $12 apiece to third parties, who would sell the pills on the street for $20 to $22. Police did not identify the third parties.

Sizemore said the arrest of White and Parks on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, culminated a five-month investigation.

According to Sizemore, he "stumbled" upon the alleged conspiracy in April when he was looking through the Medical Park Pharmacy records during a separate investigation of forged prescriptions.

The narcotics detective said he noticed several prescriptions for the four drugs written in the same handwriting on Alexandria Hospital forms. He said the names of four Alexandria doctors who treat cancer patients were on the various prescriptions.

Sizemore said he began checking the patient's names on the prescriptions and police discovered the names were fictitious. He said a handwriting sample he had analyzed helped him solve the case.

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy also began investigating White during the last five months, according to a board official. The board last June charged White with violating the state control act by selling 8,300 Dilaudie sulfate tablets on 96 forged prescriptions, the official said. White also was charged with illegally selling a small quantity of morphine.

The state pharmacy board investigation is continuing and its charges are pending, the official said.

If convicted of the criminal charges or found guilty of the charges filed by the state Board of Pharmacy, White could have his pharmacist's license revoked.

White was unavailable for comment yesterday. His attorney, Barry Poretz, said his client pleaded innocent to the four counts of conspiracy to distribute drugs in an unauthorized manner at an arraignment Tuesday.

White and Parks, who also is charged with four counts of conspiracy, have been released on bond. Richardson and Mansfield have also been charged with the same four conspiracy counts.