Roy McLaren was walking with a hamburger and milkshake in hand beneath the golden arches of an Arlington McDonalds restaurant last Saturday when a man flashed open a box and showed him a "hot" diamond ring he could sell him real cheap.

McLaren said he put the food in his car and said he'd like to check out the ring first. Instead McLaren emerge from the car and showed the man a card identifying himself as Roy C. McLaren, Arlington police chief.

McLaren then clutched the man's arm and tried to arrest him, police said. But the suspect grabbed the chief by the throat and hit him on the side of the head, police said.

Undaunted, McLaren still tried to subdue the man, who freed himself from McLaren's grip and fled.

Meanwhile, another man, who had been sitting in a yellow Volkswagen parked nearby, fled on foot from the parking lot at 4834 Lee Hwy. Both men got away, police said. The car and ring have been impounded.

The incidennt last Saturday was the first time McLaren had been approached to purchase stolen property, police said. McLaren didn't require hospitalization and left Wednesday on a three-week European vacation.