District of Columbia Police have brought internal charges against a uniformed officer who, after being sent to investigate a rape, allegedly fondled the woman victim and made her simulate the rape.

Police officials have scheduled a Nov. 10 trial board for Stevan E. Charnock, 27, an officer for five years assigned to the sixth police district. He is charged with violating three general orders in his treatment of the rape victim, and faces a maximum punishment of dismissal from the force.

United States attorneys, according to informed sources, have evaluated the case and have decided it cannot be successfully prosecuted. One of the reasons for this decision, according to a high-level police official, is that Charnock was not advised of his rights before be made a lengthy statement to police about the incident.

Charnock has been suspended with pay pending disposition of the charges.

According to police, the woman entered a Northeast apartment building about 3 a.m. last Aug. 13 to visit her aunt when a man grabbed her in a corridor.

The woman has since told other police investigators that her attacker told her not to scream or he would "cut her to pieces."

After forcing the woman into an act of sodomy and intercourse, the man fled, warning her not to call police. She did, police said, and Officer Charnock responded.

During his questioning, according to the charges filed against him, Charnock took the woman to a bedroom of her aunt's apartment, had her pull up her skirt and remove her underwear, get on the bed and demonstrate the positions that were used during the rape.

He is charged with violating the police general order that forbids officers from undertaking "any physical examination of the victim in alleged sex cases except to administer emergency first aid."

The charges further specify that Charnock had the victim lie on the bed, then leaned the "lower trunk" of his body against her and asked. "Is this the way he did it?" He also "did admittedly" fondle the woman's breasts.

These acts, according to the charges, violate police rules governing conduct "prejudicial to the reputation and good order of the police force."

The charges also state that once outside the apartment building. Charnock began talking with another woman, tried to arrange a date with her, and asked her for a kiss "despite her disinterest."

Charnock is married and has a child.

After being questioned by Charnock, police said, the rape victim was reluctant to cooperate further with police and went to the sex squad for an interview only after repeated telephone calls from that unit.

Police initially became concerned with possible misconduct when the woman Charnock allegedly tried to kiss complained to other officers.

A police lieutenant from the sixth district had been dispatched to the scene of the alleged rape to coordinate with Charnock, but he was called away to a different incident, police said.

The rape suspect has not been caught.

Veteran police officials and observers said yesterday that they could not recall another instance of these kind of charges being brought against a policeman.

Deputy Police Chief Charles Corcoran and two captains will be members of the trial board.