[TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE] this election that John Dalton is a carbon copy of Mills Godwin."

Godwin's opposition to the project was disclosed in a letter dated Sept. 14 to Rep. Herbert E. Harris (D-Va.), chairman of a Democratic campaign committee that is working for Dalton's opponent, Henry E. Howell. Harris had written to Godwin about the Cole proposal after Cole met with the House Subcommittee on Regional Affairs, which the Norhern Virginia representative heads.

"i am distressed that the governor continues to take a passive view of Northern Virginia's water supply problems." Harris said, releasing a copy of the Godwin letter. The letter "says, in effect, we can't use the highway for a pipeline because we've never done it before," Harris said.

In his letter, Godwin cited the highway commission's historic opposition to allowing "any utilities" in a median strip and the fact that Cole's plan calls for use of a 5-foot high pipeline."

"I do not believe that the median could be utilized in any case since our commission has been most anxious to preserve natural growth in the median," Godwin said, "ands this would of course eliminate the natural growth . . ." The "ideal location" for the pipeline would be under the shoulder of the highway, but that would "create an accident potential," Godwin said.

Despite the opposition of both Godwin and the highway commission, Royall said yesterday that "if John Dalton is elected the chances are excellent that the pipeline will be built."