Does the George Washington University campus area provide enough restaurants and other facilities? Staff writer Joann Stevens and staff photographer Linda Wheeler went to GWU and asked students about the social atmosphere provided by their campus and neighborhood.

Ira Holtz, 20, accounting major and resident of Alexandria, Va.: "There are few restaurants around (GWU) that are good. I would like to see more in the campus area, just things like for lunch, nothing fancy. Because I'm limited in time when I'm here I tend to stay on the campus to eat. I'd like more variety."

Larry Bullock, 26, environmental studies major and resident of the District: "Not really. I would like to see a little bit more competition for the sandwich shops. The prices are too high to eat around here. I eat at home."

Shelly Wuhl, 20, international affairs major and resident of Crystal City: "Definitely not. The facilities they have, like The Red Lion, aren't GWU facilities. There's no campus place for the students. We're all commuters and we have to stand on the corner. I would like a student place that's basically cheap and with basically good food. There are people on campus all hours of the day and night but when it comes to restaurants they're limited to certain hours and food choices."

Adrienne Batts, 20, history major and resident of GWU's Francis Scott Key dorm: "They could have a few better restuarants. I want to go out but I can't find something within walking distance.I just want some decent food, something different and something I can get during late hours."

Len Ellis, 17, resident at Thurston Hall: "Yes, I think so. The prices are reasonable, there's enough space and they're not strict on dress codes."

Cris Hinojosa, 22, urban affairs major and resident of Arlington, Va.: "I think so. They're plenty of restaurants around. They're not all cluttered together, they're within walking distance and there's a variety. I think the prices are okay too."

Howie silberstein, 18, biology major, resident of Thurston Hall: "Yeah, they have enough restaurants but they're a little expensive, and I'm on a budget. I would like a few decent food places, like more pizza places. I am from New York and there were pizza places all over. I want to see some late night pizza places. The only places really open late night are the machines in the dorm."