The Rev. Billy Graham told a news conference today that he would recommend to the trustees of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that they start to issue financial reports on the association's "total operations."

Graham also told reporters that Vice President Walter Mondale had invited him to come to the White House within the next three weeks. Graham said President Carter. Mondale and national security adviser Zbignew K. Brzezinski wanted to hear about his five-day crusdade in Hungary earlier this month, especially in light of a State Department analysis of Graham's impact on Hungary.

Graham who will meet with the trustees of his Association this week-end said nothing in the law required financial disclosure. But in answer questions, he said the Association had annual income of between $20 and $25 million, most of it in "undesignated contributions."

While he agreed with reporters that the public mood favored full financial disclosure by religious groups, he declined to go into specifies today. He indicated that he was sure the trustees would agree with his proposal that the reports be issued annually.

He said it would show overhead expenses and include domestic affiliates such as a movie company in California, but also noted that some of the overseas affiliates was an independent entity. He said the association had about 500 employees, 400 of them at the Minneapolis headquarters.

Graham said that he felt the organization had become "a little too large" and was taking too much of the time he should be spending on strictly religious matters.