Roman Catholic fund raisers were told here to expect new and tougher church guidelines on accountability, more pressure from the Internal Revenue Service on their tax situations, and increasing public scrutiny of their fund-raiising activities.

Newly formulated guidelines, expected to be approved by that nation's bishops in November, are seeking "to create openness and truth" in fund-raising, and hold it a "moral duty" that religious fund-raisers provide significant data concerning their activities to the local bishop, they were told.

The 400 delegates to the National Catholics Development Conference also were warned that new regulations by IRS will directly affect - in some cases adversely - religious fund-raising, and that new federal legislation in the offing is aimed at forcing religious fund-raisers to make greater.

During a general session on ethics for religious fund-raisers, the Rev. Edwin Dill, S.T., of Trinity Missions in Silver Spring, Md., and president of the NCDC, noted that while the NCDC is not a policing agency, it has begun to exert peer pressure" on members who have violated the organization's guidelines on accountability.

The Rev James Close, of the Mission-Of Our Lady of Mercy in Chicago, said new and tougher guidelines stress the need for the approval of fund raising and developmental activities by ecclesiastical authority. The guidelines also call for a "continuing relationship" between fund-raisers and the bishop of the local diocese.