Washington: Today - Sunny, High in the mid 70s, low near 50. The chance of rain in near zero through tonight. Thursday - Partly cloudy, high in the mid 70s.

Maryland and Virginia: Today - Sunny, highs from the mid 60s to the mid 70s, lows in the 40s. Thursday - Partly cloudy, highs from the mid 60s to the mid 70s.

Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay: Today - Fair, visbility of more than 5 miles. Winds will be from the west at from 6 to 10 knots. Waves in unprotected waters will be less than 2 feet.

Extended Area Forecast for Friday through Sunday: Fair and cool through the period. Highs will be from the mid 50s in the north, to the mid 70s in the south. Lows will range from the mid 40s to the low 50s. Normal Washington temperatures for the period ar a high of 73 and a low of 53.

West Virginia: Today - Sunny, highs in the 60s, lows from the mid 30s to the mid 40s. Thursday - Partly cloudy, highs in the 60s.

The National Weather Forecast for today - Widely scattered [WORD ILLEGIBLE] are predicted for the southern half of the plains into the middle Mississppi valley. Showers will develop in the Southern Great Lakes, whil elsewhere sunny to partly sunny [WORD ILLEGIBLE] indicated. Most of the country will be cool, but the southwestern deserts will be warm and the Gulf Coast and much of the Alantic Coast will be mild. Cooler air will push in to the central plains through the eastern Great Lakes, while the Appalachians and northeast will be mild. The south will also be milder.

Almanac Data for locally - Sun rises 7:07 a.m. sets 6:45 p.m.; moon rises 12:45 a.m. sets 2:17 p.m. Tides; High 1:57 a.m. and 2:25 p.m.; low 9:17 a.m. and 9:25 p.m. High and low [WORD ILLEGIBLE] the following locations can be obtained by subtracting the hours indicated from the tides above. Annapolis (1 1/2); Bloody Point Lighthouse (4 1/2); Deale, Md. (4 1/2); Colonial Beach (6); Norfolk (1 1/2); Virginia Beach (1); Solomons Island (6 1/2); Point Lockout (7).

Pollen Count 13 Ragweed (note: More than 7 is considered undersireable.)

The Council of Governments' Air Quality Index for yesterday showed the high reading in the Washington period was 24 for the polluntant area during the 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. photochemical oxidants. Index values between zero and 24 indicate good air quality. When the Index exceeds 100 the air is considered very unhealthy and individuals with lung, heart and eye aliments are urged to restrict their indicates that the air quality will be good.

The National Weather Service forecasts the Potomac River stage at Little Falls should be near 2.8 feet today. Local Temp., Humidity(TABLE) Time(COLUMN)(COLUMN).(COLUMN)H. 12 mid.(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)57 1 a.m.(COLUMN)55(COLUMN) 51 2 a.m.(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)51 3 a.m.(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)57 4 a.m.(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)57 5 a.m.(COLUMN)53(COLUMN)57 6 a.m.(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)69 7 a.m.(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)57 8 a.m.(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)55 9 a.m.(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)57 10 a.m.(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)46 11 a.m.(COLUMN)65(COLUMN)40 12 noon(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)37 1 p.m.(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)34 2 p.m.(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)33 3 p.m.(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)30 4 p.m.(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)27 5 p.m.(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)27 6 p.m.(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)28 7 p.m.(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)35(END TABLE) Temperatures ending 8 p.m. (EDT) yesterday(TABLE) City(COLUMN)H.(COLUMN)L. Albany(COLUMN)53(COLUMN)38 Albuquerance(COLUMN)76(COLUMN)52 Amarilo(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)62 Anchorlage(COLUMN)53(COLUMN)30 Asherville(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)42 Atlanta(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)44 Atlantic City(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)49 Austin(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)54 Baltimore(COLUMN)65(COLUMN)45 Billings(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)58 Birmingham(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)43 Bismarck(COLUMN)65(COLUMN)45 Boise(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)32 Boston(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)47 Brownsville(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)69 Buffalo(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)48 Burlington(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)45 Casper(COLUMN)79(COLUMN)43 Charlton, S.C.(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)40 Charlton, W.Va.(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)40 Charlotte(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)43 Chevence(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)41 Chicago(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)44 Cincinnati(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)39 Cleveland(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)47 Columbia, S.C.(COLUMN)71(COLUMN)34 Columbus(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)40 Dal.-Ft. Worth(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)55 Dayton(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)40 Denver(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)48 Des Moines(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)45 Omaha(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)51 Orlando(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)63 Orlando(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)63 Philadelphia(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)44 Phoenix(COLUMN)102(COLUMN)81 Pittsburgh(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)44 Portland, Me.(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)40 Portlwand, Ore.(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)38 Providence(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)43 Raleigh(COLUMN)65(COLUMN)36 Rapid City(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)66 Reno(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)31 Richmond(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)43 St. Louis(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)40 St Prog.-Tam.(COLUMN)87(COLUMN)63 Salt Lake City(COLUMN)73(COLUMN)44 San Antonio(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)58 San Diego(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)65 San Francisco(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)54 San Juan(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)78 St. Ste. Marie(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)45 Seattle(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)46 Shreveport(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)45 Sioux Falls(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)47 Spokane(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)30 Syracuse(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)42 Tooeka(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)47 Tucson(COLUMN)92(COLUMN)73 Tulsa(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)50 Washington(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)51 Wichita(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)51(END TABLE) Temperatures Abroad Yesterday(TABLE) City(COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)Time(COLUMN)Temp. Aberdeen(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)52 Amsterdam(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)59 Ankara(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)3 p.m.(COLUMN)52 Athens(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)72 Auckland(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)Midnt(COLUMN)54 Berlin(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)52 Birmingham(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)61 Brussels(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)55 Cairo(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)53 Casablanca(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)noon(COLUMN)70 Coperhagen(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)48 Dublin(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)55 Geneva(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)63 Hong Kong(COLUMN)pt. cloudy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Lisbon(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)noon(COLUMN)63 London(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)63 Madrid(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)77 Maita(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)73 Manila(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)80 Moscow(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)3 p.m.(COLUMN)46 New Delhi(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)5 p.m.(COLUMN)90 Nice(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)70 Oslo(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)39 Paris(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)55 Peking(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)63 Rome(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)72 Saigon(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)82 Sofia(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)2 a.m.(COLUMN)54 Stockholm(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)45 Sydney(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)10 P.m.(COLUMN)66 Tel Aviv(COLUMN)pt. cloudy(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)79 Tokyo(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)9 p.m.(COLUMN)64 Tunis(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)77 Warsaw(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)48(END TABLE) Temperatures (Western Hemisphere)(TABLE) City(COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)High(COLUMN)Low Acaputca(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)77 Barbados(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)80 Bermuda(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)83(COLUMN)75 Bogotha(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)43 Caligary(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)43(COLUMN)27 Cullacam(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)93(COLUMN)77 Edmonton(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)28 Havana(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)77 Kingston(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)91(COLUMN)79 Wontego Bay(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)90(COLUMN)77 Mexico City(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)56 Monterrey(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)68 Nassau(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)72 Regina(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)27 St. Kitts(COLUMN)fair(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)76 St. Thomas(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)87(COLUMN)78 Toronto(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)46 Vancouver(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)37 Veracruz Fair(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)72 Winnigeg(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)46(END TABLE)